The Power of Power BI

I wanted a great way to present some Operating System data combined with Secure Boot States and BIOS break downs but was drawing a blank with Report Builder. Then I discovered a really powerful tool called Power BI. It not only lets you create great looking reports, but it also allows them to be interactive.

I started off by creating a nice looking donut with the different operating system versions using Power BI Desktop:

01 Operating Systems donut

Next, I added a pie chart for the Secure Boot State (see my previous post on Inventory Secure Boot State and UEFI with ConfigMgr on how to inventory this data with ConfigMgr):

02 Secure Boot State

Now for the interactive part – when I click on Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, the Secure Boot State shows that all of them are running BIOS (notice the dual color portion of the BIOS part of the chart):

03 Windows 7 - BIOS

Clicking on Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise shows that all of those systems currently have Secure Boot State enabled:

04 Windows 10 Secure Boot On

Whereas on my Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB system I have it turned off (since I only have one system and it is the only one reporting that Secure Boot is disabled the entire pie area darkened vs. only part of it when you have more than one system meeting that criteria):

05 Windows 10 LTSB Secure Boot Off

And with my two Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise systems, one has Secure Boot enabled and the other running is still running BIOS:

06 Windows 8.1 Secure On and BIOS

As you can see, this is a powerful new way to look at data. Get started today by heading over to and be sure to check out Ronnie Jakobsen’s post, of Coretech, on Hardware overview with Power BI.

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