Hello and thanks for visiting my blog.  My name is Mike Terrill and I am a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP.  My career is focused on Windows Systems Management and Operating System Deployment using Microsoft technologies.  I specialize in System Center Configuration Manager and have been using this product since Systems Management Server (SMS) 1.2.  I have also been deploying Windows for many organizations since Windows NT 4.0.

I have designed, architected, implemented and worked with some of the leading top Fortune companies.  In my career, my largest project was for a global 450K seat environment where I assisted in the design, architecture and implementation of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and deployment of Windows 7.

I am also the founder and user group leader for the Arizona Systems Management User Group (www.azsmug.org).


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Mike, I was watching your presentation you did for the Chicago User Group on Task Sequences..Any chance you will be posting your task sequence for a Wipe and Load soon. Once again thanks for all you do for the community!

  2. Mike, I just discovered your site today. So much great information!! I wonder if you could do me a favor and tell me where to start (with your multitude of blog posts) if I’m looking for help in deploying Win 10 to a Dell after setting it to UEFI + Secure Boot.

    • Thanks! A pretty generic TS will deploy to Dell systems just fine. However, the goal should be to boot a system up regardless of how it is configured (BIOS or UEFI), convert it if needed and then continue the TS like usual.

      • I agree a one-TS-for-all model is the way to go. I was looking for advice on how to navigate your many blog posts to see how you have done it. I did read the post that included a link to a sample TS. I cannot import it however. I get the following error:

        Cannot validate a dependency to Operating System Image PHX0000A

  3. We’ve been using the MDT 2013 TS for a while with Dell computers. We’re currently doing BitLocker (with TPM+PIN for laptops). I’d like to switch to UEFI+Secure Boot. We also have a bunch of legacy Win 7. Will the MDT TS properly format a blank drive for a UEFI computer that we want to enable BitLocker for? Which of your blog posts do I start with? Did you ever right a post for a “blank drive”?

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