Hello and thanks for visiting my blog.  My name is Mike Terrill and I am a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP.  My career is focused on Windows Systems Management and Operating System Deployment using Microsoft technologies.  I specialize in System Center Configuration Manager and have been using this product since Systems Management Server (SMS) 1.2.  I have also been deploying Windows for many organizations since Windows NT 4.0.

I have designed, architected, implemented and worked with some of the leading top Fortune companies.  In my career, my largest project was for a global 450K seat environment where I assisted in the design, architecture and implementation of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and deployment of Windows 7.

I am also the founder and user group leader for the Arizona Systems Management User Group (www.azsmug.org).


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  1. Hey Mike, I was watching your presentation you did for the Chicago User Group on Task Sequences..Any chance you will be posting your task sequence for a Wipe and Load soon. Once again thanks for all you do for the community!

  2. Mike, I just discovered your site today. So much great information!! I wonder if you could do me a favor and tell me where to start (with your multitude of blog posts) if I’m looking for help in deploying Win 10 to a Dell after setting it to UEFI + Secure Boot.

    • Thanks! A pretty generic TS will deploy to Dell systems just fine. However, the goal should be to boot a system up regardless of how it is configured (BIOS or UEFI), convert it if needed and then continue the TS like usual.

      • I agree a one-TS-for-all model is the way to go. I was looking for advice on how to navigate your many blog posts to see how you have done it. I did read the post that included a link to a sample TS. I cannot import it however. I get the following error:

        Cannot validate a dependency to Operating System Image PHX0000A

  3. We’ve been using the MDT 2013 TS for a while with Dell computers. We’re currently doing BitLocker (with TPM+PIN for laptops). I’d like to switch to UEFI+Secure Boot. We also have a bunch of legacy Win 7. Will the MDT TS properly format a blank drive for a UEFI computer that we want to enable BitLocker for? Which of your blog posts do I start with? Did you ever right a post for a “blank drive”?

  4. Hi Mike – I was just looking at your Configuring WoL with CM for Dell Desktops – Part 3 post, and I am trying to do something similar with Dell BIOS settings and just AutoOn settings with CI\CB. Can you share the AutoOn CI that you have set so I can compare? Your post has gotten me so close.

    • It should be in the download and you should be able to import it into your test site. If not, let me know. The setting name is simply ‘Auto On’ and it takes the following values – 1-Disable, 2-Everyday, 3-Weekdays, 4-Select days.

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