Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB to CB/B

In this video I will show you that it is possible to go from Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB to Windows 10 Enterprise CB or CBB. This process is simply an in-place upgrade – much like going from Windows 10 1507 (July 2015 release – build 10240) to Windows 10 1511 (November 2015 Update – build 10586), where the apps and user data is preserved.

12 thoughts on “Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB to CB/B

  1. How do you determine what branch of Windows 10 you’re running? We have an Enterprise license but when you go to System –> Windows Version LTSB does follow “Windows 10 Enterprise”. Is this just a matter of downloading that version from Microsoft?

  2. Mike, I tried to upgrade Windows 10 N LTSB to Windows 10 Enterprise and build versions were same as mentioned in video. But I don’t get the option to keep personal files and apps .. Is that okay with N LTSB version?

    • I haven’t tried with ‘N’ version of LTSB, but I would imagine that you need to go ‘N’ LTSB to ‘N’ Enterprise (and keep in mind the base language needs to be the same). What is supported is 1507 LTSB to 1511+ CB/B (even though I tested 1507 LTSB to 1507 CB).

  3. Hello, I try to perform update as you explain but I can’t found the correct version of enterprise on the MSDN Library. For the best option that I have it’s to keep all files but not the application, and the worst is nothing keep. Can you help me to found the correct build of enterprise which will avoid me to lost App, setting and files. I have the issue on 1 windows 10 LTSB 2015 French and 1 English. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Without knowing more information, I am not really sure what version you need. However, the base OS language version needs to be the same (en-us to en-us), as well as the architecture (x64 to x64).

      • Hi, thanks for your feed back. Finally I was able to found the correct iso file on MSDN Library. Issue wasn’t coming from language version or architecture but from build version. As you know on MSDN site, the version of build is not indicate on msdn website, you just know that it’s a windows 10 with only additional version if it’s K or KN, date of publication and if it’s a multi version or not. But after different downloaded version I found the correct 1 to allow me to keep all application and settings.

  4. Does the previous LTSB license stay valid after the migration to CBB or I shall have a valid CBB key?
    Thank you for detailed explanation, Mike!

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