Fun with PowerShell – Formatting Numbers

Recently, I had the need to develop a consistent numbering format in order to maintain character length and ordering for collection names in ConfigMgr.  The basic idea was to create 31 collections, each that have the number in the name a keeping all of them to two digits.  So, for the numbers less than ten, adding a leading zero will maintain this two digit format.  Luckily, this is very easy to do inside PowerShell using the .NET formatting methods.

Starting with the number 1, we can format this as 01 using the following command:

“{0:D2}” -f 1

Create a quick loop from 1 to 10 and you see that you have a nicely formatted two digit output:

for ($x=1; $x -le 10; $x++){
#Format the number as two digits
"{0:D2}" -f $x

This can be expanded to the number of digits that are required. Also, there are other format types as well: C is for currency, P is for percentage and X is for hexadecimal.

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