My Tesla Solar Performance 2020

Last updated: July 19, 2020

****If you find this information useful and are looking to order Tesla Solar or a Tesla Auto, please use my referral code to place your order to get a $100 solar award (currently) when your system is activated or 1000 Supercharger miles (currently) for a car purchase. Tesla Solar recently announced on June 19, 2020 a 20% price reduction (The Lowest Price for Home Solar) and they also now use the 340 watt panels (up from the 315 watt panels that I have). This will cover the $99 down, making it zero out of pocket initial cost when financed.*****

The following is the actual performance of my Tesla Solar system (and I plan on keeping this updated as time allows so check back occasionally for the latest information).

Location: Phoenix, AZ
System Size: 12.285 (39 – 315 watt panels)
2 SolarEdge Inverters/SolarEdge Power Optimizers
House Size: 2 story/2965 square feet with swimming pool/AC set at 79F during the day and 76F at night
Electrical Consumers: 2 Tesla Model 3s, 2 AC units, Mini-split AC, Evap Cooler (garage), Electric Dryer, Variable Speed Pool Pump

2020 Total Solar kWh
Avg Solar kWh
Produced per day
Total Solar
kWh Sold
Total kWh
Total kWh Used
(Solar + Grid)
Avg kWh Used
Per day
APS Bill
January 1243 40 960 655 938 30 (Previous credit balance -$6.65)
Monthly cost: -$7.99
Balance: -$14.64 (credit)
February 1439 50 1166 657 930 32 Monthly cost: -$38.08
Balance: -$52.72 (credit)
March 1719 55 1356 608 971 31 Monthly cost: -$58.39
Balance: -$111.11 (credit)
April 2147 72 1580 486 1053 35 Monthly cost: -$88.27
Balance: -$199.38 (credit)
May 2359 76 1280 787 1866 60 Monthly cost: $7.34
Balance: -$192.04 (credit)
June 2260 75 1065 1243 2438 81 Monthly cost: $48.37
Balance: -$143.67 (credit)
July 2059 66 677 2177 3559 115 Monthly cost: $172.43
Balance: $28.76 (owe)
Totals 13225 8085 6613 11754

NOTE: May and June did not include any vehicle charging as I was attempting to use up my Supercharing miles that were expiring at the end of June.

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